• Exterior metal panel performance certificate acquisition
  • Currently holds 28 patents, 10 design registrations, 3 trademark registration technologies


  • Developed "ZENTLEE HOUSE"
  • Participation in 2018 Kyunghyang Housing Fair
  • Signed "SOBENBOARD INTERNATIONAL" contract in China
  • Supplied Zentlee to "LG Display Factory" in Guangzhou, China
  • ZENTLEE exterior material seismic, wind pressure, hydraulic test certificate obtained
  • Received the citation of commissioner


  • Signed a contract with "GOOD SENSE" in China
  • Obtained KS certification for metal ceiling material, credit guarantee fund investment location (credit rating triple A)
  • Participated in 2017 Trend Housing Fair
  • 2017 Participated in the Korean Architecture Industry Exhibition hosted by the Architects Association
  • Moved head office (Damyang Factory > Gwangju Factory)


  • Participation in 2016 Trend Housing
  • ZENTLEE, JMC Acquired Seismic Performance Certificate
  • Acquired certificate of green technology product of 16
  • Completed new construction of Gwangju factory
  • Received Jeollanam-do Geography Award(Lee Nak-yeon)


  • "ZENTLEE" mass production
  • National ODM contract progressed
  • Acquired MAINBIZ certification


  • Registered as the "Jung-Heon" procurement product of JMC-M, the first metal ceiling finisher in Korea
  • Acquired "M" SME performance certificate for new product
  • Acquired the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's green technology certification and green technology product certification
  • Obtained GD mark from the Korea Design Promotion Agency
  • Acquired patent for ceiling finishing panel fixture (M-SYSTEM)


  • Selected as an IP Star company by Jeonnam Intellectual Property Center
  • Patented ceiling finishing device
  • 2013 Participation in Kyunghyang Housing Fair
  • Establishment of affiliated research institute
  • Started ZENTLEE development


  • Obtained performance certificate from Small and Medium Business Administration
  • Selected as INNO-BIZ by Technology Innovation Type Small
  • Business (INNO-BIZ) Moved head office (Gwangju> Damyang)


  • Acquired a patent for ceiling panel assembly structure


  • ISO9001: 2008 & KS Q ISO9001: 2009 Quality Management System Certification
  • Construction of Damyang factory
  • Selected as an excellent invention by Korea Invention Promotion Association
  • Established sales corporation "Joeun Co., Ltd.“


  • ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification
  • Acquisition of non-combustible building material certificate
  • Government Procurement Registration (MAS)


  • Acquired eco-friendly certification
  • PPS Registration
  • Registered as a venture company
  • 5 non-smoking interior doors


  • Registered patent for metal sound-absorbing ceiling material
  • GIST contact management consulting agreement
  • Signed the contract for the renovation of housing material in Gwangju Design Center
  • Establishment of Asan Research Institute
  • GIST Contact Management Consulting Agreement (Gwangju Techno Park Contact Center)


  • Established company
  • Developed the first metal sound absorbing ceiling material in the industry
  • Allied technical company of metal manufacturing company
  • Has a utility model (metal tex for ceiling)
  • Patent of invention (wall of building, structure of tentacle, method of construction)
  • Product Registration of Public Procurement Service
  • Affiliated with BNC technology