Interior material

Four Clip System developed by our company is used to construct walls and ceilings by applying various design finishing panels.
Reducing innovative construction time and eco-friendly construction (65% ↓ compared to conventional method), it is strong against the shaking of 9 ~ 10 and secured excellent seismic performance. It is easy to maintain and repair (it can be attached or detached when it is damaged, damaged or changed design) and can produce a rich design without restriction of the outside plate material.

Walls & Ceiling Systems

Innovative construction time with independent construction method
Produce rich design with customer's desired material
Excellent seismic performance with 9 or more seismic intensity
Easy maintenance and repair (removable)



Easy installation and maintenance
There is no boundary at installation, and it creates a natural design
CO2 saving / high efficiency (110ml / W @ 5,700K)
Life span of more than 50,000 hours
Invisible light frame