Metal ceiling material

It is an eco-friendly material that can be recycled as a metal material. It has excellent corrosion resistance and durability and has a semi-permanent life. It can be used for indoor swimming pool and toilet and it is easy to construct, which saves construction time and cost.

M products
(Procurement Certified Products)

THK 0.45t leather pattern
Superior procurement products by PPS
Reusable existing ceiling frame (M-BAR)
Superior in vibration resistance and wind resistance
Excellent workability by using M bracket


K products
(KS Certified Products)

KS Certified Products
Easy to carry and handle because it is lighter than existing ceiling materials
Easy construction and shortening construction time and cost


Ceiling frame
(Earthquake proof)
Unlike existing ceiling frame, it is possible to utilize space of ceiling because there are few kinds of subsidiary materials, and it has advantages such as freedom of choice of finishing materials, reduction of cost, and reduction of construction period due to reduced weight.


Seismic ceiling frame subjected to earthquake test
Easy construction and shortening construction time
Excellent tensile strength due to heavy material (3 ~ 5 times compared to existing M BAR)
Excellent lightweight
Easy to use space in the ceiling (member height 40MM / existing M BAR: 80MM)